Photographer Robyn Davie shares her five tips for capturing your baby shower.

1.Make sure your photographer arrives 15 minutes before the baby shower starts to take a moment with the mama-to-be to capture some gorgeous portraits of you and your bump - a nice break from running around and prepping for the event. If you can’t decide on an outfit, read our five tips for choosing your baby shower outfit.

2.Next up, make sure your photographer focuses in on all the gorgeous details of the party. Often there's a heap of handmade games and super sweet decor, cakes and treats, and it’s great to capture all of those special mementoes, especially when with an Instagramable baby shower venue.

3.Some candid pics of the mama-to-be and all of your friends and family just hanging out and enjoying the party. The main aim of the photographer is to capture the emotions of the day — the hugs, the cuddles, the happy tears..

4.A baby shower is also the perfect opportunity to snap a few posed pictures of the mama-to-be with the grandmas-to-be and other key friends and family members. It's great to find a shady spot under a beautiful tree with all the gorgeous decor in the background.

5.Definitely finish up the shoot with lots of close-ups of the baby bump, and how much love it is surrounded by. It can be a lovely opportunity for pics of hands on the bump!

Photography: Marlon Ming