For the perfect high tea baby shower celebration, there really isn’t a more perfect venue than Café Hemingway’s in Kyalami. Tea is an event to be slowly savoured and this is the heart of the Café Hemingway’s High Tea experience.

Sweet delicacies and savoury bites co-exist in a delightful mix where each complements the other. But what makes this high tea truly spectacular is the presentation: the dessert tables are definitely something to Instagram!

Choose from a range of themes, from Alice in Wonderland and Great Gatsby to the newly launched Midsummer Night’s Dream and Moulin Rouge or your own decadent baby shower theme… and be ready to be wowed. The Hemingway’s High Tea experience takes care of everything so simply show up, indulge, and enjoy.

Café Hemingway

Kyalami Down Shopping Centre, corner Kyalami Boulevard and Kyalami Main Road

011 466 0195