Good planning is the first step towards this special event.

Many expecting moms and shower hosts feel unsure about the planning of the baby shower. Good planning is the first step towards this special event, one the expecting mom will remember fondly for a very long time with accompanying photos taken at the baby shower. Some worries may be alleviated by knowing what to be expected. Here are answers to the top three questions about the etiquette of baby shower planning.

1.Who should host the baby shower?

Nowadays anyone you'd like to ask is perfectly fine when it comes to planning and hosting the shower. You may like to ask a relative, close friend or close co-worker.

2.When should the baby shower be held?

Most baby showers are held shortly before the baby is born. The date must suit the expecting mom (and dad if it is a co-ed shower), as well as any other important guests such as grandparents-to-be who may live out of town.

3.Who should be invited to the baby shower?

Consult the guest of honour, the expecting mom of course, about the guest list to make sure that everyone she would like there is included, and also to be aware of any potential exclusions

Top tip: when planning check anything you may be uncertain about with the guest of honour, that way you know the expecting mom will really enjoy this memorable milestone.

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