Are you looking for a unique and fun idea for a baby shower? Why not host a Mexican-inspired taco bar? This is a great idea as the food is easy to put together thanks to the DIY element and the décor is bright and colourful. Here are our top tips for putting together a fantastic fiesta!

  • Put together a taco bar of different tortilla wraps and nachos with a wide variety of toppings from meats and chicken to guacamole, chillies and salsa. A taco bar is great when hosting an event as people can put together their taco just the way they like it so include a tasty assortment of hot, sweet, fresh and spicy ingredients. These tips can help you DIY your bar too!
  • Set up the baby shower in bright fun colours such as hot pink, yellow, lime green, purple and bright turquoise. Include brightly coloured napkins, glassware and tablecloth or go for gold and glitzy to add some sparkle to your fiesta.
  • Mini succulents, such as cacti, make perfect decorations and can easily double as party favours. It’s a great idea to pot them in Mexican-inspired cans or brightly coloured pots to add another fun décor element.
  • Piñatas make an entertaining addition to the shower – use these colourful and fun-shaped piñatas for décor followed by the activity of breaking them open. You could have fun by filling them with a few baby-related items, such as dummies or rattles.

Images 1, 2 & 4 via 100 Layer Cakelet (Photography: Tami Jill Photography; Rentals & Styling: Bambini Soiree Designs