When it comes to party décor, flowers really are the magic ingredient. They're available in countless colours, at all budget levels, and can be used in abundance or as a single flower, and everything in between. On top of that, they can be used in every aspect of the celebration - from cake toppings, and chair dressings, to tablescapes and place settings, and from flower crowns to all sorts of arrangements in vases and vessels.

The flower arrangements at this baby shower are breathtaking. The deep jewel tones feel so luxurious, as does the abundance of the blooms. Mixing the flowers with greenery is both beautiful, and budget-friendly. Have a look at this gorgeous petals and pastels theme for inspiration.

Lush arrangements of roses, orchids, hydrangeas and greenery are have been used down the centre of the table in a variety of crystal and silver vases adding height, drama and impact to the setting like on this pinker than pink baby shower theme. Additionally, a selection of incredible blooms has been used both on top of the cake and as a garland around the chair.

No other design details or décor elements detract from the impact of the flowers.

Photography: Robyn Davie