Planning a baby shower is both an honour and a big responsibility. First-time planners have loads of questions about what (and what not!) to do. We’ve gone back to basics and answered the key questions you may have when you begin planning the special day.

  • When should the shower be held?

    A general rule of thumb is to host the shower 4 - 6 weeks before the due date. The guest of honour still feels pretty comfortable at this stage It also gives the mom-to-be time to determine what items she still needs to get before baby arrives, and to get everything set up in the nursery with the baby shower gifts and some DIY mementoes. In some circumstances, such as certain religions or early arrivals, the shower is only held once the baby has been born.

  • How many people should be invited?

    First and foremost, consult the mom-to-be about the guest list. A baby shower is a much more intimate affair than a wedding, and it is best to keep the guest list to close friends and family. It should definitely not come as a surprise to anyone on the guest list that a baby is on the way! Use the number of guests a venue can accommodate as a guide to the maximum number of invitees.

  • Is a gift registry necessary?

    A gift registry is certainly not necessary although it does help guide guests in what to give the mom-to-be. However, it is best to be discreet by keeping registry information off the invitation, and rather passing it along to guest should they ask. Here are some tips on great gift ideas for a baby shower. 

  • Should you open the gifts at the shower?

    There is no rule about opening gifts at a baby shower. It largely depends on the flow of the event, and the number of guests in attendance (no one wants to sit through hundreds of gifts being opened). Regardless of when gifts are opened, take notes for the mom-to-be in order to make her job of sending out thank-you’s that much easier.

  • How much say should the guest of honour have?

    Ultimately, the shower is for the mom-to-be and you should cater to her needs. This is not to say you need to give in to every tiny demand, but if she really wants something(like a gender-neutral theme) then make an effort to accommodate her. Also, consider the guest-of-honour when deciding whether or not to play games at the shower — ask yourself whether she would feel comfortable with games and activities. Keep in mind her food preferences, and any special menu requests, when planning the menu.

IUltimately, the best advice is to plan in advance, keep it simple, take a deep breath, and enjoy the special day!

Photography: Green Tangerine Photography