Pink candyfloss, or “fairy floss” as it is also aptly named, is a whimsical and nostalgic addition to a pretty pink shower – especially if that shower involvesunicorns or pretty princesses. There are many ways you can incorporate this delicious goody into the food you plan that will add a touch of magic.

  1. Place sticks of pale pink candy floss on the table – these add a pop of colour to the décor and guests will find them hard to resist!
  2. Use candyfloss to decorate a cake for the shower – this is an easy way to make a store-bought cake look super-special. This idea is especially cute when used atop cupcakes.
  3. While mom-to-be may be abstaining, guests often enjoy a glass of sparkling wine at the shower. Place a puff of pink candy floss in each glass ready for pouring, such a sweet touch!