It is fun to have some activities at your baby shower. They not only make a great ice-breaker, but they can also result in some special keepsakes for your little one.

Painting wooden blocks has become a classic baby shower activity, especially when combined with this fun ABC theme. Here are 4 tips to make this work for you:

  • Allocate a dedicated area for the activity. The activity set up then becomes a feature in itself and doesn't interfere with the table setting. If you’re feeling unsure, have a look at the baby shower etiquette as a guide.
  • Print or write up clear and simple instructions for the activity. While most activities are pretty self-explanatory, it is a good way to remind guests of little details, such as writing their names at the bottom of the block. Simple instructions designed inline with the shower’s décor are also a way to make the set up look good.
  • Stick letters on the block to turn wooden blocks into alphabet blocks. Preparing the letters, rather than letting guests paint the letters on themselves, is a way to ensure the final result is something you want to keep for baby.
  • Choose a few colours of paint that work well together. For the best results, keep the colours within the same palette. Another idea is to choose colours that work well with your nursery décor so that before the baby is big enough to play with them, the blocks can adorn the bookshelf as a sweet reminder of the special day.

Décor & Styling: Konfetti Love (; Photography: Littish Photography (