A well-constructed cheeseboard is a great addition to any baby shower, from playful and budget-friendly to chic and elegant like another favourite decadent baby shower theme. Here’s how to achieve an exciting and irresistible cheeseboard in eight easy steps:

  1. It’s all about abundance. Use loads of ingredients as no one likes a sparse cheeseboard.
  2. Use a generous-sized board as your base.
  3. Since it is a cheeseboard, lay out your cheeses first. Use the four corners of the board as a base and work from there.
  1. Pick the right cheese. You need at least four cheeses on any board: a hard, a soft, a blue, and aged cheese.
  2. Use seasonal fruit to add sweetness and colour. There are no rules for what fruit to use, simply pick whatever looks delicious to you. We love strawberries and guavas, but grapes and figs are also winners.
  3. Add some crunch. Using a bowl on your board creates another point of interest, and almonds are an easy way to add some extra crunch to your spread.
  1. Crackers are a must. What’s a cheese board without biscuits? Go for crackers that you don’t usually buy, and change things up by looking for alternative shapes and interesting flavours.
  2. Don’t forget about the preserves… Head to your local market or farm store and pick out some unusual preserves as they’re great paired with cheese, and add that something really special

Finally, this DIY nature-inspired tablescape would be perfect with this cheeseboard and your theme.