Be inspired by nature and create a beautiful tablescape with these tips.

  • Flowers — Limit your choice of blooms to white and green hues while choosing a variety of flowers and plants. A pro-tip is to display a single type of flower in each vessel.>
  • Animals — Choose a single animal to incorporate into the tablescape, such as this sweet bunny. Butterflies, birds or deer are other popular options.
  • Natural elements — Go on a nature hunt in your backyard or nearby park for some natural elements to add more texture. Wood, moss, stones and leaves all work to bring the outdoors in.
  • Metal — A metallic accent adds a special touch to the tablescape, and can be brought in easily with décor items from your home, such as this pretty copper bowl and sculptural object. Foil-wrapped chocolates in muted colours work well too.
  • Food — Style the food in a way that reflects the inspiration behind the shower. Use nuts and fruit as garnishes, and decorate the buffet table using leaves and vines in a relaxed layout. Learn how to create the perfect cheeseboard to go with your nature-inspired tablescape.

With these tips, you’ll create a tablescape that shows the beauty of Mother Nature, as the mom-to-be enjoys this special gathering.

Photography: Robyn Davie